KidzArt is present at over 60 elementary schools in the greater Sacramento area. Students of all ages will learn many skills and concepts through the course of their KidzArt education. Our philosophy is that anyone can learn to draw. We keep it simple and fun by creating an environment where there is no right or wrong way to do art.
After their first class, most parents look at their child's artwork and ask, "did they trace this?!" Nope! Our artists create their own masterpieces, and they do so easily, with the help of our certified instructors who break down each drawing into just a bunch of straight lines and curved lines.

KidzArt afterschool classes usually start 10 minutes after release time at school and meet for one hour, once a week. If you'd like to see what schools KidzArt is currently available in or want to know more details (such as the day of the week and time class is offered) you can click the button below to browse classes.

In KidzArt Class Students Will Explore



Prismacolor Professional Art Markers, Watercolors, Chalk Pastels, Oil Pastels, Prismacolor Art Stix and Colored Pencils, Charcoal, Clay, Sculpture Wire, SandArt, Scratch art and more!

Elements of Art

Line, Color, Value, Shape / Form, Texture, Space

Principles of Design

Balance, Emphasis, Contrast, Unity, Repetition

The core KidzArt drawing-based curriculum has been developed by professional artists and educators to meet or exceed the National Visual Art Standards. KidzArt programs have benefited students for over 15 years and are currently offered in hundreds of communities in 27 states.

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Our kindergarten students take their drawing skills to a new personal level. Through individual guidance and encouragement, they learn how to use the ‘language’ of art to express their thoughts and ideas more clearly. Confidence continues to grow as they experiment with colors and shapes using 2- and 3-dimensional media. Classes are full of eye-opening surprises as students interpret shapes, colors, and proportion. Soon they are reading between the lines and drawing their own conclusions. They begin to express their ideas freely and to overcome the impulse to judge. Mistakes are minimized with the know-how to find solutions. The critical first steps toward developing a personal style start here. Our students embark on a virtual journey to explore the many elements of the visual arts. During their travels, students are exposed to a variety of artistic styles, cultural interpretations, and mediums. The elements of brainstorming and more complex forms of problem solving are introduced through interactive format. Students begin to talk enthusiastically about possibilities. They become more confident in their attempts at self expression. Their destination of their own personal style gets closer.

Class schedules are now available online. Please click the green button below to browse or register.
For more information or to register by phone, call (916) 574-9700. Registration forms are also available at the school sites.

KidzArt® uses only high quality, non-toxic art materials.


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